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Was going to let you guys know we are extremely happy with our side of beef. Meal prepped a cooler full of hamburgers to take to Texas all week and everybody was asking me where I got it. Told them I could deliver if they wanted haha!! Made some sirloins tonight and they were excellent as expected.

Emporia, KS


Hi Judy,
How are you? I am happy to report that we have really been enjoying the beef we purchased from you this past summer. It is probably the best beef I've ever had. I would like to get on your list for another side for late Spring or Summer, if you have enough…Thanks!!!

-Michele U., Kansas City


Judy and Bill,

Wow! Last night I marinated your filets in teriyaki and ginger and then grilled them, along with using apple and hickory wood chips in the grill's smoker box. The filets melted in our mouths! My wife and I were beyond impressed with the rich flavor, texture and color of your beef. I'm so glad I found you.

Take care,
Shad Rockstad, Kansas City
(Founder of AmericasBestBBQ.com)


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Hi Bill and Judy,

I just wanted you to know that at a recent dinner party I served your prime rib and it was incredibly delicious. I've enjoyed prime rib at some pretty upscale restaurants in Chicago and San Francisco and the flavor of your Galloway beef made any other seem bland. I know a lot of famous chefs would love to serve your beef for many $$$'s. Thanks for sharing this secret.

-Bill H., Emporia, KS
(Hobby: Gourmet Cooking)


Hi Judy,

Thanks again for the information and tour. I threw a couple of burgers on the grill and my wife and I both agreed it was the best ground beef we had ever tasted. We can't wait to try a steak. You have an excellent product and we are looking forward to working and doing business with you again. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Hesston, KS



We love our beef and we're wondering if you have any open orders on this next batch. I had thought we'd make it last for a year but with our family size and increasing our consumption we've gone through it pretty much in 4-5 months! Now that we've been spoiled we can't go back to "grocery store" beef. Even the 100% patties don't taste real compared to ours. The shocking thing was there's hardly any fat!

Also the processing company was easy to coordinate with and your instructions and his help made it easy to navigate and personalize our order.

We've already recommended one of our friends to you who is thrilled to be finally getting her own soon! We'll keep spreading the word.

-Lisa Marie, Shawnee, KS


Hi Judy,

We drove up last night to pick up some of your beef to try. After surviving on Walmart and Dillons beef for years, I was amazed and delighted in the rich flavor of the galloway beef. I will be back for more.

El Dorado, KS



"It is a rare occasion when things that are better for you than the ordinary product (grain-fed, feedlot beef) also taste way better, but such was the case with your Galloway beef! I made the roast recipe on your website using a chuck/arm roast and it was amazing."


Kansas City



We went down and picked up our beef on Thursday afternoon and held out T-bones for grilling that night. Tonight, we grilled a couple of ribeyes. The beef is wonderful....Great taste and tender! Awesome! Glad we did this..... Thank you,

Mark and Ann



Scott and I wanted to let you know that we are moving to Maine at the end of May so we will unfortunately not be ordering from you again. We have enjoy the beef so much...best we have ever had. It's hard to believe that we have eaten a heifer and a half...WOW! Thank you for the work you and your family do to supply happy, healthy beef to our table."


Manhattan, KS